Whether you want to keep your furry friends from getting into trouble, add security, creating a private oasis, or prevent the neighbors prying eyes, a custom built fence is the perfect solution. But it isn’t always easy to find the right contractor to build your fence. 

When shopping for a fence, there are many options. Don’t worry, here are a few tips to ensure you get a quality fence, backed by support, quality labor, and quarantines you deserve.

Fence Central Wood styleCheck out their website and references 

The internet can be a great asset. Checking out a company’s product, craftsmanship, references, and ensure they are properly licensed and insured is easier than ever. Take the time to read their reviews and get their facts. Do they have lots of happy customers or more warning you to stay away?

If a company doesn’t proudly display their products, employees, licensed, and reviews, there is probably something wrong. 

Look at what they have to offer

Do they hand build their wood fences or use pre-made panels? It may not seem like a big difference, but it’s huge. Hand built fences make with the highest quality wood and nails means a product that will last for many years and look great! 

Do they provide a warranty and have a friendly and knowledge staff that can assist you? Outstanding customer service is as important as high quality workmanship and materials. 

Custom fences are built to fit your property. Not all yards are the same, they have slopes, utility lines, and irrigation pipes. You want a company with the experience to meet your needs. 

Do they provide a guarantee?

Companies use promises and guarantees as a marketing tool. If a company doesn’t mention them, they probably aren’t worth your time and money. Those who make them stand behind their workmanship and materials. 

If you are shopping for a fence for your polk county home or business, contact Fence Central. With oxur top-notch resources, exceptional craftsmanship, and unrivaled service, you can feel confident knowing that you will have a long-lasting fence that is custom-designed