Shopping for a fence in Winter Haven can be confusing, between the variety of materials, colors, heights, and styles to choose from. Then there is the question of where to purchase your fence from, an outlet, big box store, or a custom fencing company. 

You’ve been thinking about buying a fence for a while, you’re finally ready. But where do you start? 

First,  Consider the Material 

Whether it is Wood, vinyl, or aluminum, they all have their advantages.

Wood fencing is affordable, adds privacy, security, and has a beautiful, distinct appearance. 

Vinyl is know for its great aesthetics, strength and durability, they are practically maintenance free.

Aluminum has a classic appeal, while still being able to enjoy the view beyond the property line. 

Second, Consider Your Maintenance Level

You want the advantages of a fence, but you don’t want any added maintenance to your already busy life. Then vinyl is the best way to go. They are easy to clean and will last for decades with minimum maintenance.  

Third, Consider Custom Built Fences

Investing in a custom built fence means you don’t have to worry about compromised construction or materials.  There are several benefits to  a custom-built wood fence:

Freedom to choose the type, thickness, and style of wood that makes up the fence

Premium pressure treated rails that have fewer knots than standard pressure-treated 2×4’s and so are more durable

Decking screws and shank galvanized nails that resist rust, won’t streak, and are much stronger than staples or small tack nails

Forth, Consider What You Want From Your Fence

Do you need to contain pets or livestock? Or protect small children from wandering off? Looking for some privacy from the neighbors? The addition of security or boundary lines. There could be any combination of reason why you want a new fence installed on your property, but to ensure you get a high quality fence at an affordable price, contact Fence Central.