In last week’s blog we talked about the many benefits of having a fence installed. Understanding what you want your fence to accomplish and the best material for the job are a few things you should consider. 

Combining types of fences 

To get the most out of your fence, try combining different materials. An aesthetically pleasing aluminum fence in the front, with wood or vinyl in the backyard. 

Be a good neighbor 

Fence etiquette is essential to being a good neighbor by following zoning regulations and warning your neighbor before starting on the fence installation. A professional fence installer will research the property line for you and ensure that the fence doesn’t overstep your bounds.

Your neighbor may even be willing to split the cost of the shared fence with you if they’re considering fencing in the rest of their property as well.

Don’t forget about creating an entrance

You want to create at least one entrance for safety and convenience. Large enough to accommodate the lawn mower and other outdoor equipment. To differentiate the entrance, use decorative elements to identify it from the rest of the fence.

Professional installation 

Installing a fence is much more difficult than it looks! Do you know the specific fencing requirements for your city or town? How far the fence can be from the property line, or how tall they can be, or the depth of post holes. In many cases there are rules that need to be followed, especially if you have a home owners association. There are also electrical, water, and gas lines running underground, creating a digging hazard. 

The professionals at Fence Central always use high quality materials, excellent craftsmanship, so you will be proud of how it looks for decades. Less hassle, a beautiful fence, and you can even save money in the long run.