If you live in a community with a homeowner’s association (HOA), you know that their oversights can be both helpful and sometimes restrictive. HOAs provide for the maintenance of common areas such as parks, elevators, parking garages, pools, sidewalks, and roofs. Along with that, HOAs have certain rules that residents must adhere to. Those rules are often called covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs). CC&Rs include things such as what colors you may paint the exterior of your home, what types of landscaping can be done, whether or not you may park vehicles on the street, and whether and what type of fence you may have.

Breaking an HOA CC&R can result in heavy fines. It’s sometimes possible to do things outside of the rules, but it often requires special permission from the HOA and in many cases it’s unlikely you’ll get that special permission.

Hopefully you were aware of the HOA’s rules before you moved into the community. Even if you didn’t, though, Fence Central can help you to navigate the waters of HOA if you want to put in a new fence. We’ve helped many clients get through the HOA approval process by providing fence descriptions, site-plan drawings, specifications, and pictures to aid your communications with them. In our experiences, the more information you can provide to the HOA board about your plans for the fence, the better the likelihood that they will approve it. Approval can take up to six weeks, though, so best to start early.

At Fence Central, the fence type that we’ve found the majority of HOAs approve is a 6′ vinyl privacy fence (pictured above). Vinyl fences are a great choice anyway because they’re long-lasting, require very little maintenance, and come with a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee. If you’re in an HOA community in or around the Polk County, Florida area, contact us. We service most areas of Davenport, Lakeland, Winter Haven, Poinciana, Lake Wales, Haines City, Auburndale, Winter Garden, and Windermere.