Previously, we discussed what permits you may need before putting up a fence. More specifically, though, in addition to city and county permits you may also need approval from your homeowners’ association (HOA) in order to build a fence. Some HOAs have restrictions on fence types, others on fence heights. Going off of what your neighbors have is not necessarily a good measure because they may have been grandfathered in or it’s possible they didn’t get approval at all. Trying to go under the radar will only work for so long, though, because if the Association does notice, they may require you to take down the fence or pay a fine.

Before making firm plans to erect a new fence, carefully review your HOA regulations and/or talk with your local board members. In your formal request to the HOA, include as much information as possible so that the board can make an informed decision. List the material, color, and height of the fence you want to build. If at all possible, include pictures of what the fence will look like. If you anticipate any problems with the fence, try to spell that out in your request and offer solutions.

Fence Central in Central Florida is happy to offer advice about how to communicate with your HOA. We can provide fence descriptions and specs, site-plan drawings, and pictures to aid the process. HOA approval can take anywhere from one to six weeks or more, so if you’re planning to have your fence up by a certain date, it’s best to start early.