The short answer is, depending on the city and county in which you live and why you’re putting up the fence, you may need a permit. You’ll need to know specifications about the allowable fence heights, materials, location, and maintenance for your city and county. Each city and county may have separate rules and regulations, though, so it will take some legwork to first see if you need a permit and then fill out the required paperwork.

It’s also vital that you check with underground utilities before digging to ensure that you won’t accidentally damage water, electric, or gas lines. The number to call to check on underground utilities is “811.” This is an important step because digging into a utility line could cause injury and/or property damage and may result in a hefty fine to cover the cost of repairs.

The good news is, if you choose Fence Central, we take care of all city and county permits as well as contacting underground facilities for your fence instillation.

If you have a homeowners’ association, they may have additional regulations and requirements. Fence Central can offer advice about how to communicate with your HOA and provide specifications such as descriptions, site-plan drawings, and pictures.