Whether you’re thinking of a constructing a fence on your property for the first time or replacing an old fence, you’ll need to measure and plan for the amount of fence you’ll need. If you’re constructing the fence yourself, you’ll need to make sure your measurements are exact so that you don’t over or under purchase the amount of materials.

If you’re hiring a fence company in Winter Haven for the job, your measurements can be approximates and then Fence Central will make the precise measurements for you. Hiring fence experts take a lot of the responsibility off of your shoulders.

To measure your yard, you must start by determining exactly where your property ends and your neighbor’s ends. If you don’t know where your property line ends, you’ll need to consult county records and/or hire a land surveyor. Here’s another reason to hire a professional fence installer. We’ll make sure your fence sits on the edge of your property and not in your neighbor’s land. If you erect the fece yourself and it’s on your neighbor’s land by mistake, you may have to tear it down and rebuild.

If there are trees near your property line, you’ll have to decide whether to run the fence in front of or behind them. Fence Central can help you decide what is best for your particular situation. Before you dig, you must also consider utility lines. You can either call 811 and go through the process yourself, or again Fence Central will handle that for you before constructions begins.

When you order a fence from Fence Central, all you need to start the free quote is the approximate measurements of your space. If you also know the height, material, and number of gates you want that’s great! We can get you a comprehensive quote right away. If you’re not sure, our professional staff can also help you decide which type of fence is best for you.