A wooden fence provides a traditional, natural enhancement to any property. Fences made from wood feel homey, warm, and welcoming, while providing extra privacy and security for your property. At Fence Central in Central Florida, all of our wood fences are custom built onsite, ensuring that only the finest materials go into your fence. Pre-built wooden panels from your local hardware store may make for a convenient and cheap fence, but are they really the best? We think not. Custom-built wooden fences are far sturdier, more beautiful, and longer lasting than the rough-cut pine and small, rust-prone nails of hardware store fences.

In addition to high-quality premium pressure-treated 2x4s, a wooden fence from Fence Central is stabilized with gate posts set in 180 pounds of concrete. That means that come hurricane season, you don’t have to worry about your fence becoming debris. We provide a one year workmanship warranty on every fence we install.

Of all of the fence types available, fences made from wood are some of the most versatile in terms of style. Next week, we’ll delve into different types of wood fences. If you don’t see the type of wooden fence that your heart is set on, just let us know. Fence Central can also custom build any type of fence you have in mind. Go ahead, request a quote!