Whether you’re choosing the best fence for a community park or fencing in your own park-like backyard, sometimes a privacy fence isn’t the best fence to fit your needs. Fences are good for more than just privacy. A fence can keep kids and pets in safe areas and keep out unwanted people and animals. If you’re considering a fence that will still allow you to enjoy the view outside of your fenced-in area, consider these options:

Chain link¬†fences are perhaps the best at blending into their surroundings. Chain link now comes in vinyl-coated colors to blend in with the surrounding area. Choose from green, brown, tan, white, or black. From a distance, it’s easy to forget a colored chain link fence is even there due to the large spaces between links, offering an unobstructed view of your surroundings.

Aluminum fences add both visibility and curb appeal to your home. Aluminum comes in several colors and styles, allowing you to choose exactly the way your fence looks. Aluminum fences are also great for enclosing a pool area so that the area is protected but swimmers may still see out and enjoy the view.

While not as transparent as chain link or aluminum, vinyl is also a solid choice for keeping a view of your surroundings. Shorter picket or ranch rail fences provide a barrier for small children and animals while still allowing easy viewing access to a lake, park, or forest.

You don’t have to sacrifice a great view to erect the fence you’ve been dreaming about. Contact Fence Central to learn more about your options and request a quote.