Aluminum three rail gate spear top

Vinyl and aluminum fences are both excellent choices in their own rights. If you’re grappling with the decision of which to get between the two, here are some considerations that may help you choose.

Color and style

Both aluminum and vinyl fences come in a variety of styles. From small and ornamental to tall and straight, both materials can be molded to fit your desires. Aluminum fences come in a variety of colors, while vinyl fences are typically white (although some manufacturers do produce vinyl fences in colors and even wood grain).


Compared to other types of fences, if you’re in the market for an exceptionally low maintenance fence, both vinyl and aluminum are good choices. Neither type of fence needs to be stained, painted, or cleaned. If you choose Fence Central for your vinyl fence, you’ll also get a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty that protects against flaking, cracking, and peeling.Vinyl scalloped picket with vinyl privacy

Privacy & security

Both aluminum and vinyl fences protect and secure your home with sheer height. One privacy-related benefit of vinyl is that it can be solid, where aluminum fences have bars or pickets.

Still wondering which fence might be the right one for you? Contact Fence Central, our experts can weigh the pros and cons with you and help you to find the perfect fence to fit your property.