A little privacy can turn you back yard from a plot of land into an oasis. Consider whether you want to go with natural trees and shrubs, which are beautiful but take a lot of time to grow and upkeep, or a fence that will add both privacy and beauty.

Hedges. Planting tall bushes along your property line can create a natural barrier between you and your neighbors. Consider a quick-trowing column-shaped evergreen, such as Italian cypress. To hep your hedge grow quickly, consider installing drip irrigation. The difficulty with natural hedges is that they require a lot of upkeep to keep them growing well and trimmed. If you’re good with garden shears and don’t mind the time commitment, they can be a lovely way to add privacy in a way that looks natural.

Tree fences and layered lawns. A tree fence is similar to a hedge of bushes. Tree fences work well in larger yards, where you can layer with tall trees in back and bushes and shorter plants up front. Layering creates a more natural look and adds color and texture to your backyard. Similar to a hedge, tree fences can require a lot of upkeep and watering. Dense foliage can also provide a place for small animals to live, which could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how disruptive they are to your home.

Privacy fence. A privacy fence is the most surefire way to get privacy. Where trees and bushes may wither or die, your fence will stay strong. Wooden fences can be stained or painted to complement the color of your home and provide extra security as well as privacy. Contact Fence Central to talk about privacy fence options. We’ll help you find one that will add beauty and value to your home while giving you the privacy you crave.