A few weeks ago we detailed the types of wooden fences. It’s really only fair that we do the same for vinyl. Vinyl fences are a solid choice for several reasons. They’re accepted by many HOA committees, they require very little maintenance, andĀ beautifully complement a variety of home styles.

Vinyl privacy

Privacy. As the name suggests, a vinyl privacy fence offers you seclusion from the area outside the fence. It effectively separates your piece of land from the ones next to you, providing a physical and visual blocker that keeps pets and kids in and others out. Privacy fences are ideal if you live close to your neighbors and want to extend the livable space of your home without having to worry about prying eyes.





Vinyl lattice 5+1Lattice accent. A lattice accent can be added to any privacy fence to soften the appearance and add charm.







Vinyl shadowboxShadowbox. Also known as a semi-privacy fence, the shadowbox style provides total privacy from eyes that are looking directly at the fence from the outside at a 90 degree angle, but anyone looking from the side of the fence would be able to see a little of the enclosed yard. The shadowbox’s overlaid style is visually charming and adds depth and visual interest to the yard. Vinyl shadowbox fences can be tall, similar to a privacy fence, or shorter, similar to a picket fence.




Ranch rail. Vinyl ranch rail fences are often used for ranches, providing a low-maintenance option for penning in domesticated animals over large amounts of land. Ranch rail fences aren’t just for farms and ranches, though. With a country-style house a vinyl ranch rail fence is a lovely accent piece. Ranch rail fences range from 3-5 feet tall and feature 2, 3, or 4 horizontal boards or 4 boards with the center 2 boards crossed, creating a cross buck style (pictured here).




Vinyl scalloped contemporary picketPicket. The stereotypical ideal home has a white picket fence out front, and it’s really no surprise why. White vinyl picket fences add quaintness and charm to a home while providing an area for small children and pets to safely play. Vinyl picket fences come in a variety of styles including straight, domed, and scalloped (pictured here).




Vinyl scalloped picket with vinyl privacyAnother benefit of vinyl fences is that they can be mixed to suit your needs. In this picture, a privacy fence blocks the homeowner’s view of the neighbor’s yard while a short picket fence allows clear visual access to the lovely lake view at the back of the property.