Budget is an important consideration for all home improvements and a fence is no different. A fence provides many short-term and long-term benefits. When considering your budget, of course the dollar amount you want to spend is of primary concern, but you may also consider the value of your investment and how much longevity the fence will give you.

Big box home improvement stores will often offer pre-built wooden fences and the prices are likely to be low. There’s a reason for that. Pre-built wooden fences are made from young pine, referred to as “rough-cut.” Rough cut fences are more likely to rot and warp than fences made from more mature trees. Of course, lumber made from more mature trees has extra cost associated with it.

To summarize, pre-built wooden fences are low-investment and low-longevity. In addition to warping and rotting of the wood itself, pre-built fences are usually held together with staples or small nails, which are vulnerable to rust and may even work themselves out of the wood over time. A wooden fence that is made from mature, pressure-treated wood and galvanized nails is a bigger upfront investment but will last much longer. The question to ask yourself is now long you plan on staying in the home and enjoying your fence. If it’s more than a couple of years, a custom built wooden fence from Fence Central is a smarter investment than a pre-built wooden fence.

Vinyl fences are also an excellent choice for the budget-conscious buyer. Vinyl fences from Fence Central come with a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee that protects against flaking, peeling, and cracking, so you know that your vinyl fence will remain just as beautiful as they day you purchased it and you won’t ever have to replace it. Now that’s budget friendly!

If you live in or around Auburndale, Bartow, Clermont, Davenport, Kissimmee, Lake Alfred, Lakeland, Lake Wales, Poinciana, Polk City, or Winter Haven, contact Fence Central for more information. We’ll work with you to stay within your budget and find a fence that you’ll love for years to come.