As we all know, hurricanes are no joke. High winds, torrential rains, and fast-flying debris can damage your vehicle, home, and property. Make sure that your fence doesn’t become a projectile this hurricane season by doing some yard work before the storm hits.

Wooden fences are the most likely style to become debris in a storm. Take a careful look over the entire fence and check for loose or weak boards or posts. If your fence has lattice work, check the lattice as well for loose pieces that could be blown away. Winds can dislodge loose boards and send them flying through a window or into a car.

If your fence has a gate, consider securing the latch with a zip tie prior to the storm so that the gate door doesn’t fly open and become damaged during the high winds.

Remember to also take any lawn furniture, toys, or decorations indoors before the hurricane or tropical storm to avoid them flying around and damaging your fence or home.

Following a storm, it’s also a good idea to thoroughly look at your fence to ensure that no boards or parts were knocked loose.