Chain link fences don’t often get a lot of love. It’s true, they don’t have the visual charm of a wood, vinyl, or aluminum fence, but they’re functional, affordable, and can blend into the right environment, providing security without a lot of visual bulk.

Chain link fences are often used to enclose public spaces, such as sports fields. They’re also a popular choice for backyards, a way to create a safe environment for pets and children. If you’re looking to enclose a large backyard, a chain link is a good choice because it’s durable, inexpensive, and requires very little maintenance.

Fence Central chain link fences are galvanized after the metal is weaved together. Galvanization deters rust and improves the longevity of the fence. On top of the galvanization, chain link fences can be coated in vinyl. The vinyl coating comes in several colors including black, green, brown, tan, and white. Vinyl coating softens the appearance of the fence and can visually complement the color of your home.

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