Whether you own a business or have property in which you store goods, protecting your investment from intruders is a top priority. There are several options to consider when it comes to protecting your commercial property, you may choose one or more than one, depending the size of the property, its location, and what needs protecting.

Security cameras come in a wide range of options, from simple to sophisticated and everything in between. Security cameras may deter criminals from entering your property, but they’re most useful for recording someone in the act. Of course, that likely means that someone has already broken into your property and stolen your goods. When considering security cameras, choose their placement wisely. A camera will do you no good if it’s positioned in such a way that it doesn’t catch someone trespassing or stealing. Cost will vary based on how many cameras you want, how high-end they are, and what, if any, electrical rewiring is needed.

Security guards can be hired to patrol your commercial property, providing an active deterrent for criminals. The benefit of a guard is that he or she can randomize patrols, making it more difficult for someone to track where they’ll be at any one time. It can be difficult, however, to keep a guard staffed and cost over time can be quite considerable.

A guard dog is a less costly form of active deterrent, but dogs come with risks, too. Even the best trained dog may attack someone, leaving you with a lawsuit.

A fence is an excellent physical barrier to help keep your commercial property safe. Depending on the type of business or property, a tall fence and/or anti-climb fence can help to deter and delay anyone considering getting onto your property illegally and removing your goods.

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