Spring and summer are the most popular times to sell a home. People tend to want to shop for homes when the weather is nice and not during the holidays. If you’re thinking of listing your home this April, May, or June, you may consider now the changes and improvements that might make your home more appealing to buyers.

Pamper your lawn so that the grass is lush and green. Your local hardware store or megamart will likely have grass seed and fertilizer to help get your lawn back into shape. Also consider trimming, shaping, and/or planing new plants. It may seem superficial, but a patchy lawn and poor landscaping can take away from your home’s overall appearance and first impressions count for a lot.

Clean and repair your gutters. A thorough potential buyer may check out the status of your home’s roof and gutter and if he or she finds them full of leaves and cracked, a different home may look more attractive.

Add outdoor lights to your yard to make it feel more inviting, usable, and safe. Especially if your open house extends to dusk, outdoor lights can help potential buyers to get a sense for the space right away.

Build a fence or, if your fence is older, repair or replace your fence. Especially if most of the other houses in your neighborhood have fences, having a fence will increase the value of your property. A fence helps to define your space from the neighbors and is very attractive to families with pets and/or children. A fence can also help a smaller yard to feel bigger and more like an extension of the living space.

Fence Central in Central Florida can definitely help you with the last thing on this list. Contact us for a free quote or for guidance for which type of fence would be best for your home.