Before it gets too hot this summer, consider setting aside some time to perform some routine maintenance on your wood fence. Wood fences make a beautiful addition to nearly any property, whether they’re stockade, board-on-board, shadowbox, ranch rail, or picket style. They do require a little love and attention periodically, though, and doing so can extend the life of your wood fence significantly.

Fences have to endure a lot of weather of the course of the year: Rain, wind, freezing nights, and blazing hot afternoons. Staining your wood fence puts a layer between the wood and the elements, prolonging its life. The color, quality, and type of stain (oil or water-based) you choose as well as the fence’s location will determine how often you need to re-stain. Most stain manufactures recommend a re-staining cycle of 5 years, but that’s just an estimate. If you’re noticing that you’re fence is looking a bit under the weather, you may need to re-stain more frequently. If you choose a light colored stain for your fence, it may require redoing every 1-2 years. Similarly, if your fence faces east or west, it gets more direct sunlight and may need more looking-after.

When choosing a new stain, look for one that includes fungicide and herbicide to provide an effective barrier between your fence and things that want to grow on it. If you notice fungus or mold growing on your fence, spray on a solution of 50% bleach and water so that it doesn’t prevent your stain from adhering effectively.

In addition to re-staining, take a good look at your fence from top to bottom, noting any loose boards or nails. If you feel like your fence is in need of replacing, contact us at Fence Central in Central Florida. We custom make all of our wood fences using premium pressure-treated rails, not the pre-built panels you find at the hardware store. The high-quality materials we use ensure that your fence will last for years and years to come.