Summer is right around the corner! We’re already feeling the summer heat here in Winter Haven, though. Perhaps you’ve already started using the pool.

Check on the cleaning equipment to make sure they’re in good shape for the season. Items you’ll need include:

  • Telescopic pole with skimmer head
  • Pool brush
  • Vacuum head and hose (if you use a vacuum)
  • Water test kit or test strips
  • Pool chemicals including shock, chlorine, chlorine stabilizer, and pH alkalinity

While you’re preparing the pool water and maintenance supplies, it’s a good idea to inspect the tile, deck, and fence around the pool. Your pool’s fence is a vital safety component and it’s worth taking a close look at it to ensure it’s stable.

When inspecting your fence, visually walk and look over every part of the fence. Start with a fence gate and take a close look at the lock and hinges. Pool fences require a latch and lock to keep out children and animals who might accidentally fall into the water. After checking out the gate, walk the length of the fence visually scanning each board or pole looking for holes, cracks, dry rot, or mold/mildew. To be thorough, walk around both the inside and outside of the fence. An unsound fence may collapse and cause a larger, more expensive problem later on.

If you do discover some area of your fence needing repair or feel like the fence needs to be replaced, contact Fence Central in Winter Haven. We service most all of the Central Florida area and can help you to have a safe, fun time in your pool this summer.