Humans and dogs both benefit from being outside, playing in a yard. A fence will help to keep Fido safe, but is it better to go with an electric dog fence or a traditional wood, vinyl, aluminum, or chain link fence? Here are pros and cons to both:

Electric dog fence 

An electric dog fence (also known as an invisible fence) is a device that is buried around the perimeter of your yard. Your pet then wears a special collar that delivers a small shock when he reaches the barrier. With time, the dog learns where she can go and when she must stop or risk being shocked.


  • Nothing to block your view
  • Won’t disturb your neighbors
  • Will probably be ok with your HOA (but check to be sure)
  • May be less expensive than a traditional fence


  • Relies on punishment (physical shock to the neck) to teach your pet where she can and can’t go
  • Doesn’t protect kids from running outside of the yard
  • Doesn’t stop other animals or people from coming inside the yard
  • Requires a power source
  • Some dogs manage to still get loose by enduring the shock or slipping out of the collar

Traditional fence

Traditional fences come in a variety of materials, as mentioned before, as well as sizes and styles. The height and type of fence you choose can have a bearing on how easily your pet can escape, especially if he’s small or a good jumper.


  • Increased property value
  • Keeps kids in as well as pets
  • Keeps other animals and people out
  • No potential physical or emotional damage to your pet
  • No pet training required


  • Neighborhood or HOA requirements may restrict your fence options
  • May be more expensive than an electric fence

At Fence Central, we believe a traditional fence is the way to go for your Florida pets. Traditional fences are beautiful, secure, and humane. And, when it’s installed by the experts at Fence Central, your traditional fence will have a long lifespan that you can enjoy for many years to come.