Fences are beautiful and add curb appeal to your home, but are they worth the investment? You may be wondering what the purpose of a fence is and whether it’s worth getting a fence. Here are some of the top reasons you should consider getting a fence.

Privacy & security. Fences act as a visual barrier between you and neighbors, roads, and anyone who happens to be wandering down the sidewalk. A privacy fence, such as one made of wood or vinyl, turns your yard into a true extension of your home, where you can do what you like without prying eyes. Privacy fences also deter intruders.

Protect kids & pets. With a fence, children & pets can play freely outside without the danger of running into the street or accidentally falling into a pool. Florida law requires that pools be enclosed or covered for safety. Any easy way to do that is to invest in a beautiful aluminum or vinyl fence.

Block wildlife, debris, and road noise. A fence may protect your garden from unwanted wildlife by keeping out rabbits, raccoons, and other animals that dig up or eat your efforts. A fence will also stop debris such as trash and leaves from blowing into your yard. If you live near a road, a fence can help to block traffic noise, turning your yard into a peaceful place for you to enjoy.

Resale value. A fence that complements the style of your home while adding the practical values listed above may help you to sell your home more quickly. Fences are a must-have for many families with children and pets and may help your property to stand out in the minds of potential buyers.

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