There are many reasons you may want a fence. Each is specific to the type of space you have and what or who you’re trying to keep in or out. Here are a few common scenarios and styles of fences that may suit your needs.


Need: Privacy

Your home is close to your neighbor’s, backs up to a frequently used walkway, or is near a public area.

We recommend a solid wooden or vinyl fence. These are beautiful and offer noise-blocking privacy for you and your family.


Need: Security

Your home has a pool, small children, or pets. Or, maybe you’ve had an issue before and want to enclose your property for added security.

Really, any style of fence would probably work for you. With security concerns, height is the main focus, especially if you have large pets who like to jump. Aluminum fences add curb appeal, do not block nice views (such as if your home is near a wooded area), and work well to enclose any area, large or small. Chain link fences offer similar benefits and are more economical.


Need: Maintain visibility and pen in small pets

Short picket or lattice vinyl fences are ideal for enclosing an area for small pets or for a front-yard fence. Vinyl is sturdy and requires very little maintenance. The vinyl that we use at Fence Central is U.V. protected and backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, making it even more attractive.

For more information about fence types, visit our fence types pages. We can also custom fit any material, size, and style according to your needs. Contact Fence Central for a free quote.