You’ve decided to have a fence installed on your Polk county property. Before you begin you should get a quote from a local fencing company. But what exactly should a quote include? The last thing you want is to find a bunch of hidden costs after your fence is installed. 

Cost of Materials 

Wood slat fenceYour quote should include the cost of all the materials necessary to finish the project. To make the quote look more attractive, some contractors have been known to put just the cost of the panels. But the quote should also include everything necessary to install the fence, including the post caps, posts, screws, nails, and anything else. You would be surprised just how fast these essential add up.  For an accurate quote, you need the exact measurements of the fence area. 

Cost of any Extras

Will your fence project include any extras, if so, they need to be included in the quote. Such as a gate, any painting or staining, will the project need any special tools? You may also want to accurately describe the terrain, is it flat or hilly, are there any trees that need to be removed? While little things are easy to overlook, but they can really add to the end price. 

Cost of Labor

It isn’t easy to put up a fence, especially in this heat. Not all fence companies charge the same way. Some may charge a flat fee for the project, while others may charge by the day. The material you choose may also come into play when it comes to installation. For instance, custom wood fences that are built picket by picket may cost a little more to install than a chain link. 

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