When it comes to a new backyard fence, there are several materials to choose from, wood, vinyl, chain link, and aluminum.  Wood fences tend to be the most popular choice here in Polk county. And why not, they are affordable and beautiful, while adding value to your property. Their natural appeal and ability to customize it to fit your needs are just a few reasons why wood is a great option for your next fence, here are a few others. 

Wood Has a Long Life Span

Today’s wood fences that are made with high quality wood, materials, and professionally installed can last for decades. They are resistant to decay, insects, and can hold up to harsh weather.  And they don’t need a lot of maintenance. It is important to understand, not all wood is the same, so it is important to talk to the experienced team at Fence Central to determine the best choice for your home. 

Easily Customized 

If you want your home to stand out from the rest in the neighborhood, a customized wood fence makes it easy. The variety of options and designs can create the look you want at a budget friendly price you can afford.

Environmentally Friendly 

Wood fences can be easily repurposed or recycled when its usefulness comes to a close. Instead of being disposed of in a landfill. Because wood is biodegradable, they can be used for compost and enriching the soil. You can’t say the same about metal or vinyl. 

Increase Your Property Value

Wood fences add privacy, security, and are aesthetically pleasing. They increase the curb appeal to any home or business, strengthening the property value. Home buyers are attracted to beautiful, customized wood fencing.

Having your new fence built by the professionals at Fence Central ensures it will last for many years. Our team will help you determine which fence material best fits your needs and ensure quality installation.

We stand behind our superior installation with a one year, 100% craftsmanship guarantee; and our material partners also provide an extensive warranty on most products.

For more information and a free quote, contact Fence Central.