A fence adds value and functionality to your home. Choosing a fence that complements the style of your home also adds beauty. Here are some ideas for different styles of fences. If you don’t see what you like here, give us a call. Fence Central in Haines City can custom build the fence of your dreams.

Contemporary picket fences: Made of vinyl or wood, contemporary picket fences often have scallops, domes, lattice work, or ornate toppers for visual interest. Vinyl is especially long lasting, requires little maintenance, and comes in a variety of colors. Wood fences can be stained to match or complement the colors of your home. Lattice style fences work well with both traditional and modern homes and make small spaces appear larger because of the lightness and airiness of the latticework.

Metal fences: Aluminum fences are perfect for homeowners that want to make a bold statement with their fence but don’t want to stain, clean, or paint it. Iron fences were popular in centuries past, but their tendency to rust make them a less popular choice today. Aluminum fences offer a clear view of the scenery beyond the fence, making them perfect for keeping in pets or surrounding swimming pools for homes that don’t want to block a back yard view.

Horizontal plank wood fences: Most wood fences have vertical planks, but turn the planks so that they’re positioned horizontally and you have a very modern look that complements the contemporary home. An added benefit is that horizontal plank wood fences offer the same amount of safety and privacy as their vertical counterparts.