It’s a big decision, what type of fence should you have installed around your home or business? It’s an investment worth doing some homework. The right fence will add value and curb appeal, but which material should you choose? Wood, vinyl, aluminum, or chain link?

Take into consideration the purpose, surrounding area, and architecture style


If you have a big dog you don’t want running out of the yard, a taller wood or vinyl fence, may work best. If you have a pool the fence will need to meet certain codes. If you have a nice view a a picket or aluminum will keep a small dog contained while still enjoying the scenery.

You don’t have to settle on the plain wood fence, there are plenty of styles to meet all your privacy needs, Shadowbox, Board-on-Board, Stockade.

Check the Surrounding Neighborhood

Drive around the community and check out what types of fences are in the neighborhood. Do you want to stand out of the crowd with a unique fence, or blend in with something similar?

If you have a homeowners association you may want to check with them for any fencing restrictions. HOA’s tend to dictate the height and style of fence allowed in the community.

Architectural Style

A great factor to take into consideration, if you have the traditional Florida home, both the vinyl and wood look great. A stately aluminum fence makes a Victorian style homes more attractive, while the traditional white picket fence goes great with a cottage or Cape Code style.

Good to Know

According to House Logic, “If you have a valid reason for wanting an extra high structure, to block a nasty view or noisy street, apply to your zoning board for a variance. Neighbors can comment on your request during the variance hearing.”

If you’re on the fence about what type of material is best for your property, just contact Fence Central. Our experts can help with all your fencing needs.