Most homeowners would rather do just about anything else than maintaining their fence. Depending on your choice of fence, you may be signing up for unwanted chores. But of course a low to no maintenance may be a better option. 

Vinyl, wood, and aluminum fences are very popular in Polk county, though some of them require a little more effort to keep them looking their best. 

Vinyl fencing is very low maintenance 

Fence Central Vinyl StyleVinyl fences offer beauty and privacy, surprisingly, they need very little maintenance. In fact, they qualify as a “no maintenance fencing” material. That doesn’t mean it won’t need the occasion spraying down with a hose, but you won’t spend hours in the hot sun painting, staining, or pressure treating the fence. 

The best part, you also won’t need to replace your vinyl fence, they can practically last a lifetime. Just make sure they are U.V. protected and backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty that covers cracking, peeling, and flaking.

They also come in a variety of styles including privacy, semi-privacy, lattice accent, stake accent, ranch rail, and picket.

If you’re considering a vinyl fence for your home, you’re in good company. Many residents find a vinyl fence a very wise investment that brings them pleasure for many years to come.

Wood fences are very popular 

There is no doubt wood fences are popular, they are an affordable way to provide privacy for your family and keep pets safely in the backyard. Wood fences are beautiful, but they do require some maintenance, such as cleaning and staining.

Aluminum fencing is another great option 

Aluminum fencing has become a very popular option because they are maintenance free. Never need to be cleaned, stained, or painted. Perfect for enclosing a pool area and defining boundaries, without obstructing the view.

With over 10 years of experience in Polk county, Fence Central we will help you choose the best fence for your needs. We are proud to have the best fencing materials and professional installation at an affordable price!