If you live in a subdivision or somewhere with a HOA in Polk County, you know there are certain regulations and restrictions that need to be followed, especially when it comes to fencing. While these rules may seem nitpicky, the goal is to maintain the standards of the neighborhood and ultimately increase the property values. 

What Kind of Guidelines Can You Expect to Face When it Comes to Fence Installation?

Fence Central Vinyl StyleStandard HOA Fence Guidelines 

Most HOAs have similar guidelines when it comes to fencing. They must be rectangular in design, be white or tan vinyl material, no more than either 4 or 6 feet tall, not extend beyond 30 feet from the rear of your home, and must be installed by a professional fence contractor. Remember, every HOA is different, so you need to check with your’s for specific architectural guidelines. 

Material and Style 

Typically the material of choice for HOAs is vinyl. It is a great material for fences and host many benefits, they need minimal maintenance, strong, look great, affordable, attractive, add privacy, and they come in a variety of colors and heights. Some HOAs also have restrictions on.

Wind and Storm Resistance

Vinyl fences are designed to withstand Florida’s strong winds and the thunderstorms. A vinyl fence that is properly installed and supported, should easily withstand 100 mph winds. Other materials can become projectiles during strong winds, causing major damage and serious injury. 

The Importance of Following HOA’s Guidelines 

Unfortunately, if you don’t follow your HOA regulations you can be facing serious penalties and fines. Combined with fees, interest, and even a lien on your home, it can quickly become a very frustrating situation. 

Fence Central Offers Affordable Solutions 

With 10 years of experience, Fence Central understands the HOA’s guidelines and restrictions. Our Vinyl fences are ideal for those living in HOAs and looking for more privacy.

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