Home and business owners have many options to choose from when it comes to fencing. As a leader in the industry, Fence Central specializes in installing wood, aluminum, wood, and chain link fences. Each material has their own set of benefits to consider before you choose.

Whether it is wood, vinyl, or aluminum, they all have their advantages.

Wood fencing is affordable, adds privacy, security, and has a beautiful, distinct appearance. 

Vinyl is know for its great aesthetics, strength and durability, they are practically maintenance free.

Aluminum has a classic appeal, while still being able to enjoy the view beyond the property line.


Budget is an important consideration for all home improvements and a fence is no different. A fence provides many short-term and long-term benefits. When considering your budget, of course the dollar amount you want to spend is of primary concern, but you may also consider the value of your investment and how much longevity the fence will give you.


If you have a big dog you don’t want running out of the yard, a taller wood or vinyl fence, may work best. If you have a pool the fence will need to meet certain codes. If you have a nice view a a picket or aluminum will keep a small dog contained while still enjoying the scenery.


It is important to take into consideration the amount of maintenance your new fence will need. Some fences need more than others. While quality wood fences that are properly installed are designed to last for decades, they will need some maintenance. While vinyl, aluminum, and chain link will need less maintenance, but will also last for many years. 


Which ever fencing material is right for you, ensure you’re using only premium-quality materials and highly trained installers. The team at Fence Central pledges top-notch resources, exceptional craftsmanship, unrivaled service, and a one year, 100% craftsmanship guarantee.

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