Whether green ivy or colorful blooms, climbing vines look lovely cascading over a wooden fence. Vines are not particularly good for a fence’s structure, however. In order to get the support they need to climb, vines may have claws that dig into the fence’s wood or strong arms that wrap around fenceposts.

The vine itself traps heat and moisture against the fence, creating a humid environment where mold and mildew can thrive. Over time, the wood in the fence can rot.

If you want the look of a climbing vine without the risk of damaging your wooden fence, consider a sturdy trellis for your vine to grow on. The sturdiest trellises are made of metal and can support even the most vigorous and heavy vines. Position the trellis far enough away from the fence so the vine won’t creep over to the fence or trap moisture near it.

Your local nursery can help you decide which type of vine will provide the look you want. Local plants such as bougainvillea and coral honeysuckle will do best in the Florida climate and will make a beautiful addition to your yard.

If your wooden fence has already been damaged by a climbing vine, Fence Central in Central Florida can help repair or replace it as needed. Contact us today for a free quote.