Vinyl fences are so popular here in Polk County because they have so many advantages. They are one of the most fencing material, beautiful, and durable. 

Top 10 Reasons For Choosing Vinyl Fencing 

1.  Low Maintenance 

Vinyl won’t need painting or refinishing every couple of years. Since it naturally deters pests such as termites, you won’t need to apply any chemicals. 

2. Easy To Clean 

If you vinyl fence gets dirty, it just takes soap and water to clean it. 

3. No rust or rotting 

Vinyl fences are a great choice in our humid environment because they don’t rust or rot.

4. Durable 

Vinyl fences can last a lifetime. They are U.V. protected and backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty that covers cracking, peeling, and flaking. When you choose vinyl, you can feel confident that you will never have to replace your fence.

5. Attractive

There are many vinyl styles to choose from, including privacy, semi-privacy, lattice accent, stake accent, ranch rail, and picket. Is is important to choose a fence that is manufactured right here in the U.S.A with the highest quality standards.

6. Privacy 

Vinyl panels typically come in 6-8 feet. Creating that private and safe backyard, or hide heavy equipment or a dumpster.

7. Non-Toxic 

Because vinyl is naturally insect and water resistant, there is no need to treat the fence with toxic chemicals or paint. 

8. Recyclable 

If in the future you decide to replace part or all of the fence, you can take comfort in knowing it won’t end up in a landfill. 

9. It Comes With a Great Warranty

Vinyl fences come with a really good lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Which means you can count on their strength and longevity. Professionals have the right equipment and know how to get the job done right! You also have the added benefit of having a warranty on the workmanship. 

10. Choose Fence Central For All Your Fencing Needs

At Fence Central we take pride in being a step above the competition.  Our customers are our top priority and it shows. There are never any hidden charges or unwelcome surprises.