In last week’s blog we talked about the value a new fence can to your Polk County home. While installing a fence may seem like an easy project, it can end up being anything but! 

Why have your new vinyl fence installed by professionals?  

fence installation Sure, there may be some DIY  You Tube videos on how to put up a fence. But the old saying, ‘it’s not as easy as it looks’, definitely applies. 

For instance, do you know where your property lines are, the guidelines for your community, the proper equipment, codes in your area, and a good knowledge of construction? And these are a few things you need to properly install a fence. 

Financial Savings 

This can be a game changer. Having your fence professionally installed can end up saving you money, when you factor in the tools and supplies you will need, post hole auger, miter saw, framing square, jigsaw, line level, and hardware such as brackets and screws. Then you also need to consider any delivery cost for the materials and removing old fencing material. 

The professionals at Fence Central have all the tools and equipment to get the job done right. And since we purchase in bulk,  you can really save. Most people end up paying less doing it themselves and you don’t have to do all that work in the heat.

Time and Stress Savings

Installing a fence is time consuming and often tricky, especially if you’re not used to this type of construction. Taking on a project this big can be very stressful. Getting everything level and straight can be very difficult.

Higher Quality 

For vinyl fences it is crucial the posts are set deep enough, are straight and level, and completely secure. The panels need to be perfectly lined up and the panels need to be level and secure. Do you have any swales or high areas that need to be taken into consideration.

Getting a Free Quote

Getting a quote from Fence Central is free and easy. Just give us a call and one of our team members will be happy to assist you. We take everything, so you don’t have to.