Choosing the right fence for your home can be a difficult decision. You may start by considering the benefits and drawbacks of the different fence materials.

Vinyl fences are beautiful, sturdy, and low-maintenance. They don’t rot, splinter, blister, or warp. Since vinyl fences are manufactured, they come in a wide variety of styles and colors and many people like the look of the perfect white picket fence. Considering vinyl’s very long lifespan, over time it’s cheaper than wood fences.

There are some downsides to vinyl fences. While vinyl is tough, a swipe with a lawnmower can leave unsightly black scuffs or scratches along the side of the fence. If the fence does break and the style of fence is a limited edition, you may run into issues getting broken pieces replaced. Finally, vinyl may initially cost more than wood fences.

Wood fences can also be crafted in a variety of styles. They can be painted or stained to complement any home. When properly maintained, wood fences can last for many years and may cost significantly less than vinyl fences.

On the downside, wood does require quite a bit more maintenance to prolong its life and maintain its beauty. It should be regularly cleaned and stained.

Steel chain link fences, while not traditionally thought of as beautiful, can easily be ornamented with vines and climbing flowers. Chain link fences are as low-maintenance as vinyl and as economical as wood. Chain link fences can also be recycled at scrap metal facilities. The biggest downside to chain link fences is probably the industrial aesthetic.

Whichever fencing material you choose, Fence Central in Central Florida can install it for you. We even create custom fences! Contact us for a free quote.