Fences are great, they can give you the privacy you want, add to security, and increase the value of your home. So, you’ve decided to have either a wood, vinyl, chain link, or aluminum fence installed on your property. You may be thinking you could save a few bucks if you did all the work yourself, but will you?

Take into consideration these benefits of hiring Fence Central to professionally install your new fence. 

Do you have the necessary equipment?

Most homeowners don’t have the equipment for mixing large batches of cement or digging holes for the posts. Trust me, using a shovel to dig a post hole just doesn’t work! This means you would have to rent all the equipment, which is expensive and time consuming. Save the time and all the hassle by using a professional to install the fence. This way you know it is done right, will look amazing, and last for decades. The difference is in the details. 

Professional workmanship and quality materials 

While those seemingly inexpensive fence panels often found at big improvement stores may seem like an amazing deal, more often than not, they are ‘too good to be true’. The fact is, there is a huge range of quality when it comes to fences. 

True the factory made panels are typically less expensive, but to create them corners are cut, inferior materials are used, which makes a weak and overall substandard fence. In the end, it can end up costing you more because in a short time will need repairs. 

The professionals at Fence Central always use high quality materials, excellent craftsmanship, and build it picket by picket, so you will be proud of how it looks for decades. Less hassle, a beautiful fence, and you can even save money in the long run. 

Make sure your fence meets all building and safety codes 

Do you know the specific fencing requirements for your city or town? How far the fence can be from the property line, or how tall they can be, or the depth of post holes. In many cases there are rules that need to be followed, especially if you have a home owners association. There are also electrical, water, and gas lines running underground, creating a digging hazard. 

Want a  quality fence that is affordable? Contact Fence Central, we are proud to serve Polk county, include the cities of Lakeland, Winter Haven, Clermont, and Davenport.