If you’ve chosen a wooden fence for your home, you’ve made a great choice. Wooden fences are excellent for added privacy and security. You may be tempted by pre-built wooden fences at big box hardware stores. These 8-foot fence sections can often be seen displayed outside and may seem like a bargain compared to a custom-built fence. However, the fact that they’re both made of wood is pretty much where the similarities end between these pre-built fences and a custom-built wooden fence.

Pre-built fences consist of rough-cut pine made from young trees. As the name suggests, rough-cut lumber is porous and more vulnerable to rot and warping than wood that is from more mature trees. Pre-built fences are also usually assembled with staples or small nails, which are susceptible to rust and are not as strong as galvanized nails.

Custom-built fences are a specialty of Fence Central in Central Florida. There are several benefits to investing in a custom-built fence:

  • Freedom to choose the type, thickness, and style of wood that makes up the fence
  • Premium pressure treated rails that have fewer knots than standard pressure-treated 2×4’s and so are more durable
  • Decking screws and shank galvanized nails that resist rust, won’t streak, and are much stronger than staples or small tack nails

Investment in a custom-built fence now will mean many years of enjoyment in the future. Custom-built wooden fences require expertise, craftsmanship, and quality materials, things you won’t find sitting outside your local big box hardware store. Contact Fence Central for more information about what sets our custom-built wooden fences apart.