While wood is a very popular choice for privacy fences here in Polk county, vinyl is definitely giving it a run for their money.

Vinyl fencing has many benefits. First of all they look amazing! They are affordable, extremely durable, easy to clean and maintain. They come in a variety of color options and styles to enhance any home or business. Here are some more reasons why vinyl fences are so popular.

Less Maintenance

Most of us spend enough time working outside in the yard, especially in this heat. Nobody wants to spend even more time taking care of their fence. That is what’s so great about vinyl fencing, it may need an occasional hosing down to remove dirt, if  one of our thunderstorms doesn’t do it for you. This means you won’t have to apply a chemical treatment to protect it or stain to maintain its color, both of which can get expensive over the years. Not to mention the repairs that other fencing materials need. With vinyl, once it is installed, you don’t need to think about it. 

Long Life 

One of the biggest benefits of vinyl fencing is that they don’t succumb to environmental elements. They can hold up to Central Florida’s intense heat, wind, humidity, and torrential downpours. The vinyl fences at Fence Central are U.V. protected and backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty that covers cracking, peeling, and flaking. 

Vinyl fences are designed to withstand Florida’s strong winds and the thunderstorms. A vinyl fence that is properly installed and supported, should easily withstand 100 mph winds. Other materials can become projectiles during strong winds, causing major damage and serious injury. 

HOA Guidlines

In addition to being HOA favorites, vinyl fences are a good choice because of their longevity and low maintenance. Fence Central vinyl fences are covered by a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty and protected against U.V. damage. If you decide to invest in a vinyl fence, you can be sure you’ll never have to replace it.

Cost Effective

Over the long term vinyl is more cost effective. It last longer than other fencing materials and won’t need costly maintenance or repairs. Vinyl also adds significant value to your property. 

Why Choose Fence Central

At Fence Central, we are proud to offer vinyl fences that come with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty that protects against chipping, cracking, and flaking. Our fences are all made in the U.S.A. with high-quality materials, so you can be confident that your vinyl fence will look amazing for years to come.

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