Choosing a new fence for your yard may be more difficult than you think. There are many options available when you consider material and color choices. When chosen well, a fence not only maintains the boundaries of your property and helps keep in pets and kids, it also enhances the overall aesthetic of your home and can even increase property value!

Vinyl (aka PVC) fences have become very popular in recent years, and for good reasons. In addition to being the favorite of community and homeowner’s associations (HOAs), vinyl fences look clean and neat, are highly durable, need very little maintenance, and come in a variety of colors and styles.

So what does made in the USA matter when you’re considering what type of vinyl fence to buy? Buying something that’s made it the USA means that the product adheres to strict standards put in place by the Federal Trade Commission. By choosing products that are made in the USA, consumers help to support the U.S. economy and job market. Jobs that are created from U.S. manufacturing are held to humanitarian standards that help to provide a safe and reasonable work environment. USA-made goods also must adhere to certain environmental guidelines laid out by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

At Fence Central, our vinyl fences are all made in the USA! You can feel proud of that investment in our country’s economy and future. Fence Central vinyl fences are also backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s warrantee, so you can feel confident that you’ll never have to replace your fence.