There are many reasons to have a fence installed, privacy, security, keep pets and children protected. But when it comes to choosing the best fencing material for your project, it can be daunting. As a leader in the industry, Fence Central is more than happy to help. Our team has helped many home and business owners in Central Florida find the perfect fence. Our commitment to quality materials, superior workmanship, and outstanding customers service, sets us above the rest.  

There Are A Few Factors To Consider When It Comes To A New Fence, The Purpose, Style, Maintenance, and Budget. 

Choose a fence that will suit your needs

What is the purpose of the fence, what do you want it to accomplish? Don’t choose a fence only based on aesthetics. For instance, you may love the elegance of aluminum fences with natural stone posts, but it may not add the security and privacy you want for your property. 

If you are looking for privacy and security, a tall fence with pickets close together, such as wood or vinyl, would give you the backyard oasis you’re looking for. But if you don’t want to block the view, the decorative aluminum fence works well. 

How much maintenance are you willing to do

It is important to take into consideration the amount of maintenance your new fence will need. Some fences need more than others. While quality wood fences that are properly installed are designed to last for decades, they will need some maintenance. While vinyl, aluminum, and chain link will need less maintenance, but will also last for many years. 

If the fence were to get damaged during a storm, it is easier to replace a few pickets on a wood fence than a section of an aluminum or vinyl fence. 

Then there is your budget

Wood fences are typically less expensive than other materials, but the slope of the yard and height impact the cost. If you’re looking for a great looking fence that fits your needs and budget, contact Fence Central.

Having a custom fence built by the professionals at Fence Central ensures it will last for many years. Our team will help you determine which fence material best fits your needs and ensure quality installation.

We stand behind our superior installation with a three year, 100% craftsmanship guarantee; and our material partners also provide an extensive warranty on most products.