Do you know how much value a new fence will bring to your property? While a fence has many benefits, it is definitely attractive to potential buyers. 

How does a fence increase the value of your property?

Create Privacy 

With everyone still spending more time at home, creating a private backyard area is important. But with houses positioned so close to each other, it can be difficult. This is especially true for subdivisions or communities with an HOA. A fence is the perfect solution for a private oasis. 

Safety for Children 

Not only will a fence provide security for children, they also keep unwanted people out. From accidental trespassers to wild animals and the neighbors’ pets. 

Convenient for Pets

Life gets busy, and walking the dog isn’t always convenient. A fence allows you to let them play in the backyard without worry about them wandering off or running into the street. 

Curb Appeal 

A professionally installed fence looks great. They come in a variety of styles and colors to add to the home’s aesthetics. It increases the functionality of your backyard and the value of your home.

Get the most out of your investment with the best type of fence


A beautiful wood fence is an affordable to provide a traditional and natural look for your property that can define your boundaries. 


Vinyl is not only attractive, they require very little maintenance and can last a lifetime. There are a variety of styles to choose from, including privacy, semi-privacy, lattice accent, stake accent, ranch rail, and picket.


Aluminum fence is a wonderful choice if you are looking to enclose a pool area, provide a boundary for your pets, or add curb appeal to your home. Aluminum comes in many colors and styles and is the easiest fence to maintain as it does not ever have to be cleaned, stained, or painted

Check back with us next week and learn how you can save money by having your fence professionally installed. Until then, contact Fence Central for a free quote on your new fence.