Homeowner’s insurance protects you against accidents and property damage to your Polk County home or property. But let’s face it, insurance premiums can be pretty pricey.  Did you know installing a new fence can significantly lower the cost of your homeowner’s insurance.  Olympus Insurance explains: 

A high-quality fence can help protect your home against burglary or vandalism. If you have a pool, a fence or pool enclosure can also provide added security against unwanted access. In many cases, fencing and/or a pool enclosure can help reduce your insurance rates.

Tip: Contact your local city office to find out what regulations and ordinances may affect the building of a fence and to verify property lines and utility line placement before hiring a contractor. You may also need to check with your HOA if your community has one.

Why would a fence lower my homeowner’s insurance rates?

Fences do more than just show the location of the property line. A tall, sturdy fence reduces the likelihood of burglary. They also give you and your family security and sense of peace, by adding protection, containing children and pets, and creating your own personal oasis you’ve always dreamed of. 

If you have a pool, hot tub, dog, or trampoline, your insurance may increase without a fence. Fences lessen the chance that people will come into your property or backyard without your consent and possibly get injured. This is a concern, especially for children, who could accidentally fall into a pool and drown or use a trampoline without supervision and become seriously injured.

If you’re considering adding a fence, be sure to check with your insurance company. They may have specifications that you must adhere to in order for the fence to qualify for a lower insurance rate. For example, your insurance company may specify that the fence:

Is at least 4 feet high

Features a self-closing childproof latch

Touches the ground or has a gap of no more than 2 feet from the ground

These are common fence specifications, but again, check with your insurance company to learn about any requirements they have.

if you’re considering a privacy or security fence, contact Fence Central for a free estimate. We have many attractive materials and styles to choose from or we can custom create a fence to fit your needs.