The weather, intense heat, strong winds, thunderstorms, even hail, can wreck havoc on a fence. But the right fence can also help protect your home from these elements. 

Here is a guide to fencing materials, how they hold up to the weather and protect your home.

wood fenceWood Fences 

Wood fences are beautiful, come in a variety of styles, affordable and add value to any home. Solid wood fences are known to cut the wind flow by up to 50%. With that being said, they do require some maintenance. Most wood fences will need to be resealed or painted. The sealant on the wood can be worn down over time. 

Vinyl Fences 

When it comes to protecting your home from winds, professionals recommend vinyl fencing. It is very durable, aesthetically pleasing, and affordable. Best of all, there is very little maintenance. It may just need to be hosed off if it gets dirty. 

Aluminum Fences 

Aluminum fences are built to last. It can withstand rusting, insects, high winds, and rain. They are rather affordable, need very little maintenance, and stand the test of time. If you want to preserve a beautiful view, while keeping pets and children from wandering off, or enclose a pool, aluminum fences are perfect. But when it comes to protecting your home from the elements, it may not be the best choice.

Chain Link Fences 

Chain link is the strongest fence. They are galvanized after weaving to deter rust and come in a variety of colors and heights. They also last for decades if properly installed. They also have  vinyl-coated chain-link in colors such as black, green, brown, tan, and white.

Fences are functional, providing a safe place for pets and kids to play, as well as add considerable curb appeal and resale value to a home, but it can be frustrating finding the right fencing company. Fence Central has you covered with a wide variety of wood, vinyl, aluminum, and chain link fence options.

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