There are many fencing materials in today’s market. Choosing one that fits all your needs and budget is easy with Fence Central. Vinyl fencing is a sure winner if you are looking for privacy, security, or if you live in a HOA.

Vinyl fencing is very low maintenance

Vinyl is quickly becoming the popular choice for fences here in Central Florida.  They are perfect for a busy homeowner who doesn’t have time for typical fence maintenance.

It doesn’t need to be refinished or painted, you also don’t have to worry about insect infestation or rot. If the fence gets dirty, you just need to use a hose to wash it off.

Choice for Our Environment

Vinyl is an excellent choice for our weather conditions. It is considerably stronger than wood, which means it is less likely to collapse during a severe storm. It also won’t break down because of the high heat and humidity.

Vinyl is Non-Toxic

You won’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals, it is safe for children and pets.  If you ever decide to have it replaced, it is recyclable.


Vinyl comes in many styles and designs to match your home or business. Whether you want it to blend in or make a statement, it is an excellent choice. Vinyl also comes in a variety of colors that won’t fade in the Central Florida sun and they are protected from rust and termites.

In addition to being HOA favorites, vinyl fences are a good choice because of their longevity and unified look. Fence Central vinyl fences are covered by a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty and protected against U.V. damage. If you decide to invest in a vinyl fence, you can be sure you’ll never have to replace it.

You can feel good about your investment with Fence Central. We use only premium quality materials, along with highly trained installers, so you can feel confident your fence will last a long time. Contact us for a free quote.