Happy New Year! At Fence Central in Haines City Florida, we’re excited for and optimistic about 2017. Many people like to make resolutions around this time of year. In addition to resolutions such as getting more exercise, balancing your checkbook more often, or spending more time together as a family, you may have home improvement goals to accomplish this year. A fence can be a stress-free way to improve your home and check that box off of your list! Here are a few reasons why you might be convinced that a new fence is right for you in 2017.

1. A fence adds safety and security to your home. If you have kids and/or pets, a fence provides a safe place for them to be outside and play while staying away from cars and strangers. A fence, especially a privacy fence, also provides a physical barrier against people who may wish to steal things from your yard or home or animals that may wander in looking for food or a place to shelter.

2. You can add property value to your home with a fence. A sturdy fence that complements the style of your home can enhance the curb appeal of your home to potential buyers who enjoy privacy, want extra security, and/or have kids or pets to tend to.

3. Insurance rates may decrease with the addition of a fence due to the added security it adds to your property. If you’re considering adding a pool or water feature to your yard, a fence may be required.

4. If you’ve experienced property line disputes with your neighbors, a fence can be a good way to define your property lines and setup a barrier. Even if you don’t have disputes with your neighbors, if your yards are situated close together, you may enjoy the added privacy that a fence can offer.

If you’ve made the decision that a fence is right for you, get a free quote from Fence Central. We will help you every step of the way with trained, licensed, and insured fence specialists.