Furry friends are an important part of the family. Whether you have a dog, cat, or exotic pet, it’s important to let them run and play in an outdoor space. It’s equally important to set boundaries so that they remain safe while outdoors. A fence can help you to contain your pet while adding value and beauty to your property. Here are some tips for fences that are more suited to dogs and cats. If you have both dogs and cats or other types of animals in your care, contact Fence Central to discuss fencing options and the best fence for your particular situation.

Fences best suited for dogs

The most traditional and probably best solution for dogs big and small is a sturdy wooden fence. Wooden fences are tall enough to discourage jumping and solid to prevent Fido from constantly being antagonized by things going on outside of the yard. If your dog is prone to digging, wooden fences can also be installed with dig-proof underground footing.

Chain link fences, both uncoated and coated, are typically used for dog runs, medium-sized penned areas that allow for exercise and visual access to the outside world.

Fences best suited for cats

If you have a cat that loves to prowl outside, consider a chain link fence with a cat conversion system. Chain link is fairly challenging for Kitty to climb on her own, but the conversion system makes it nearly impossible to scale. The conversion system attaches onto your chain link fence and contains a weight-triggered folding mechanism so that your cat doesn’t get out of the yard wind up wandering the neighborhood alone.

For cats disinclined to climb, a shorter ornamental fence may be enough to keep them inside the yard. Consider a vinyl fence, which require very little maintenance and will stay beautiful for many years to come.