Your fence is a part of your home. Why not include it in 4th of July festivities? There are decoration opportunities for any kind of fence, vinyl, wood, or aluminum. Here are some ideas from your friends at Fence Central. Wishing you and your loved ones a happy and safe Independence Day!

Picket fence bunting

Pin red fabric to one side of the fence with thumb tacks, then weave it through the pickets to create a festive look in no time at all.

Photo by Martha Stuart Living July 2010


Draped flag banner

Drape red, white, and blue fabrics over the top of fence posts for a classic adornment to any vinyl or wood picket fence.

Photo by Lakeside Collection


Cups in a chain link fence

A chain link fence is made more festive with the addition of plastic cups. This is a great activity for kids.

chain link


Daisy chains

Another kid-friendly activity, colorful paper daisy chains can easily be hung from or draped along fences for a festive look.

Photo by Home DIT


If you’ve found other ways to decorate your fence for the holidays, we’d love to see! Contact the Fence Central team.