Some homeowners want to install their own fence as a home-improvement project or to try and save some money. There are three common mistakes to watch out for that can quickly derail your project.

Know your property lines. Installing a fence outside of your property lines is the surest way to have to re-install the fence later on. If you’re going to try and install a fence on your own, it’s a good idea to at least hire a surveyor to ensure that you know exactly where you fence should be placed.

Mind the posts. The fence posts are the most important part of the fence. They’re what keeps the panels upright and in place. Be sure that your posts are deep enough and anchored by the proper material to ensure that they stay secure. If you cut corners with the posts, chances are you’ll be re-doing them after the first hurricane your fence encounters.

Proper paneling. If part of your fence will be on an incline, that part will require special panels. Planning out the project in detail before beginning will help to make sure that you buy the correct amount of straight and inclined panels.

If you’ve started a fence project but have decided that it’s time to call in the pros, or you want an estimate to see the cost value of having a professional install your fence for you, contact Fence Central in Haines City.