The right fence can do a lot for your home, they add privacy, security, and beauty. After weeks, if not months, of thinking and planning, it’s time to have your new fence installed. The last thing you want is for your fence to get ruined by Central Florida’s weather. The sun, rain, humidity, and bugs can easily ruin a fence. That’s why so many people are investing in vinyl fences. 

Vinyl Is A Weatherproof Fence 


One of the most corrosive forces nature has to offer is rain and moisture. Both of which are very common here in Florida. It dulls the shine of metal fencing and is detrimental to wood. Wearing away at the fibers in the wood, weakening and slowly breaks down the fence. Though you can apply a stain to the wood each year to help slow the process. 

Vinyl on the other hand is waterproof. It won’t succumb to rain or moisture and you won’t have to spend time or money protecting it. 


High winds are another issue, but the flexibility in vinyl fence panels are able to reset after strong winds. 


Insects are unavoidable and they are a big target for fences. Wood boring beetles, carpenter ants, and termites are just a few bugs that love to snack on wood and even it their home. For instance, wood boring beetles make small holes in the wood to lay their eggs. The larvae eat away at the wood for months, until they grow wings and fly away to find more wood. 

Vinyl is a very hard plastic material that bugs aren’t able to penetrate. They also won’t become soft over time, making it nearly impossible for insects to infiltrate.

Sun exposure

Prolong sun exposure can be detrimental to just about everything, including fences. Wood fades and warp over time. The fibers in wood expand when they get wet and retract from the heat of the sun, making them brittle and pull apart easily. 

Vinyl, on the other hand, isn’t porous and is resilient to sunlight, so they won’t fade or loose their shape.

Fence Installation

For great curb appeal and financial impact, you need a quality installation done by professionals. When you choose a custom product from Fence Central, you sure to receive the highest quality fence installed by trained professionals.

Our craftsmanship is 100% guaranteed and our vinyl fences are U.V. protected and backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty that covers cracking, peeling, and flaking.