Fall is the perfect time for backyard renovations and to have that privacy fence you’ve always wanted finally installed. As a top rated fencing company in Central Florida, we are often asked for help choosing between a vinyl or wood fence.

Both have their own advantages, as well as disadvantages. Here are a few things to keep in mind when making that decision.

Wood Fences


Fence Central Wood styleWood fences are a more affordable option

They come in a variety of attractive styles

They have a very natural appearance

They can be painted or stained to meet your needs

Quality wood is sustainable and last for decades

Provides privacy and security

A great option for securing pets 


Wood needs regular maintenance 

More susceptible to the elements 

Vinyl Fences


Fence Central Vinyl StyleNeeds very little maintenance 

Doesn’t need staining or painting

Last a very long time

Provides security and privacy 

Won’t fade or chip 


A little more costly than wood 

Dirt is more visible


While wood fences may require a little more maintenance than vinyl, the trade off is a gorgeous fence! However, vinyl needs little maintenance, just hosing down every now and then. 


The initial investment for vinyl tends to a little higher than wood fences. They both add value to your home. Vinyl provides the same security and privacy as wood, as well as absorbing sound. Allowing you to enjoy your backyard.

Whether you are choosing vinyl or wood for your next fence, for a durable fence that will have a long lifespan, choose a professional company with a good reputation and uses quality materials and installation. 

For more information on your new fence, contact Fence Central.

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