Fences come in a wide variety of sizes so that homeowners and property owners can select the fence that best suits their privacy, security, and aesthetic needs. There are several factors that determine which size fence will be best for you.

For single-family homes, front yards and back yards often have different functions. Front yards often have shorter fences in attractive picket or ranch rail styles in vinyl or wood. Your back yard fence may be influenced by what is in the back yard.

Pools are required to be enclosed so that no one accidentally falls in. Pool fences don’t have to be solid privacy fences, however, and many people opt for aluminum or vinyl fences that afford a view of the area surrounding the pool.

If your back yard is an extension of your home that you spend a lot of time in, a privacy fence may be for you. Privacy fences are tall, often six feet, and made of solid wood or vinyl panels.

Your local regulations and/or Homeowners’ Association (HOA) may also have a say in how high your fence can be. Many municipalities impose a six foot cap on backyard fences and a four foot maximum on frontyard fences. Popular six foot fences include vinyl or wooden privacy or shadowbox fences or board-on-board wooden fences. Four foot fence types include ranch rail or picket in vinyl or wood.

For more information about local regulations and fences available at various heights, contact Fence Central in Winter Haven.