Chain link fences are a pragmatic and strong option for both industrial and residential uses. In a residential setting, chain link fences provide a barrier for pets and children while allowing homeowners to enjoy the view beyond the fence. For industrial applications, a chain link fence provides extra security for companies that want to surround their property.

The materials a chain link fence is made of can make a big difference to its longevity. The fence metal is called it’s “fabric.” Chain link fabric is created by weaving metal wire together to make a diamond pattern. The wire can be different sizes and gauges. The most common wire gauge is #9 with a 2″ pattern. If your chain link fence is surrounding a pool, the pattern must be 2″ or smaller.

Chain link fabric can be galvanized or coated with vinyl to aid longevity. At Fence Central in Haines City, we galvanize after the chain link fabric is weaved to reduce the risk of rust. If you choose to have the chain link dipped in vinyl to further protect it, the vinyl comes in your choice of color including white, black, green, brown, and tan. Coating a chain link fence also softens its look, making it more aesthetically pleasing for a residential environment.

As with all fences, chain link fence installation is very important to ensure that the fence will stay sturdy and upright, even when faced with high winds. Having a professional, experienced fence services company like Fence Central install your chain link fence will reduce the risk of it needing repair or excessive maintenance soon after installation. For more information, contact us! We serve most of Central Florida including Auburndale, Bartow, Clermont, Davenport, Kissimmee, Lake Alfred, Lakeland, Lake Wales, Poinciana, Polk City, and Winter Haven, among others locations.